Friday, December 11, 2009

On Gays... ' ... Right .... s

My distinguished colleague, Alan, will have to forgive my hurried critique on his blog stage seven article. Perhaps his forgiveness will be more forthcoming than it might otherwise have been had he not hurried through this assignment himself!

I make this assumption based on the rampant typographical and grammatical errors that permeate his text. One fairly obvious instance of hurry appears in the first non-interrogative sentence in his post - the fourth overall - in which he refers to "an unanimous vote of 38-24." As my colleague is in fact a college student, and must presumably know the definition of this word, I can only conclude that this was a rush job. He does, however, seem to have done some research to support his stance - with which, incidentally, I concur - for his post contains links to sites supporting some of his claims of fact, which lends him far more credibility than if he had not linked at all.

In summation, some light proofreading and editing would serve my colleague well in his blogging endeavors, for, despite the clear fact that his chosen medium
is in this case inherently forgiving of typographical and other errors occurring naturally during spontaneous composition, this post suffers from appearing too off-the-cuff, and would be better received, in the opinion of this critic, were it more carefully constructed.

This is David Adams, signing off.

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